Martina Murphy

Cork City North West

Martina is a long term advocate for people’s rights.

Martina has been a leading campaigner on housing issues, she has slept outside City Hall and even outside Dáil Éireann numerous times, calling on Government and Council to declare housing to be a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

Martina has been to the front with Cork’s Housing Action Group and is a founding members of the Housing Rights & Reform Alliance.  Here is Martina in a youtube video, taken on Patrick’s Street while she took part in the regular weekly Information Stall outside Dunnes Stores.

Late last year Martina was among a group unlawfully arrested in City Hall, where they had peacefully gone to the Council rooms to protest at their inaction on housing – no charges were ever brought as nothing illegal had been done.  But City Hall management and Council members were embarrassed for their neglect of housing services.

Martina was among the protesters that successfully won the battle to have the Homeless Persons Unit at Drinan Street closed down – it was a disgraceful facility, like something from a Charles Dickens story.

In years past, Martina was seen in the early mornings, week after week, for several years, blocking the installation of Water Meters around Blarney and the north side of Cork city and elsewhere.  Martina’s commitment to community is second to none, she is an exceptional woman.

Recently Martina was lucky to escape with her life when her home in Blarney was destroyed by fire, she is still in recovery but unfortunately will be slower on the door to door canvass due to injury – we hope you will back her all the more for her courage.

We wish her good health and hope the people in Cork City North West vote her into City Council in May, she will be a asset to our city.