Shirley Griffin

Cork City South West

We need to face down the Political Parties, they have neglected our families and communities for years, this is Shirley’s track record.

Shirley is married and lives in Ballincollig, and has three children attend school.

Shirley believes that a National Emergency in Housing and Homelessness exists, this is central to the Alliance’s programme of work in this election.

Shirley is calling for Councils to build houses that people can afford to buy, she is calling for an end to handing over land to private developers, who build houses that are overpriced and out of reach for most families.

She is also calling for all boarded-up council houses in Cork to be opened immediately and made ready for families on the council waiting list.

Shirley was active in stopping the privatisation of Irish Water.  Shirley says that the leaking pipes should be repaired, but we should also look for grants for rainwater harvesting systems on homes.  She says we should promote the use of solar panels on houses, thus using our natural resources for our benefit and helping the planet.

Shirley is spokesperson for the Concerned Residents Group concerned with cement and dust pollution from Roadstone, Classis, Ovens.  She demands that the EPA and the Council to publish its reports on air quality around the site, she is particularly interested in knowing how much cement dust is in our air and entering the water system.

“It is important that the people living in West Ballincollig should know if they are breathing in any harmful cement dust.” 

Shirley’s hope is that the next generation will be able to buy or rent homes for themselves in Ireland.

We cannot pass on a legacy of housing shortages, long hospital waiting lists, high utility bills and disrespect of the environment to our children.

The good news is that there is still time to change things for the better.

We need newly elected independent Councillors who are willing to change the way things are done at the moment. We need councillors who are not working for vested interests but who want to do things for the good of the Irish people.

Please give Shirley Griffin your No. 1 vote and let her and the other candidates running with the Shirley Griffin lives in Classes Lake, Ballincollig and is running for election with a new group called the Housing Rights and Reform Alliance.