Official homeless figure reaches 10,264

Despite the fact that between March and August 1,606 were removed from homeless list, through ‘reclassification’, i.e. fixing the figures!

Spokesperson for the Housing Rights & Reform Alliance, Cllr Diarmaid Ó Cadhla has condemned the Government for its neglect of the public’s housing needs.

Official figures have now broken the 10,000 mark, but in reality the crisis is deeper that that.


Government has been disguising the true figures, excluding thousands of young families not in emergency accommodation or relying on HAP/RAS or who don’t qualify for housing but whose income cannot pay huge rents or pay a mortgage.

Just a few weeks ago both Government and local Councils claimed to have exceeded their targets on delivery of housing, the latest figure proves that their policy, Rebuilding Ireland, has failed miserably.

The Housing Rights & Reform Alliance calls again on Government to set up a National Emergency Committee on Housing and Homelessness. This was done for the bad weather last year, it was done for foot n’ mouth disease why cant we do it for housing?