Some years ago, if Government put 1p (a penny) on the price of a pint of stout or on the price of bread, there would have been an outcry.

A Government might collapse if they attacked basic living standards, or a Minister might lose his job, it was a risky thing to do.

But, today, we have the worse ever housing crisis and an absolute disaster in public health, and the Government Parties top the polls!  Despite the waste of huge amounts of public money and new corruption scandals emerging every week, the ruling Parties are left in power.

What is wrong?

It is shocking that less than half the people even voted, and of those who did, 50% of them supported Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil.

Whatever democracy exists in our state, if it ever existed, has lost public confidence – those who need change most are not even voting.

It seems that media, celebrity, money and an “I’m alright Jack” attitude are the flavour of the day, that is what wins elections.

People who have worked for years defending housing rights are ignored; and people who never lifted a finger to help their fellow citizens are elected, just because they have the right Party badge.

It is clear that we live in a very divided society, the concept social-solidarity seems to be forgotten.

The voters of FG & FF come out at every election and vote, blind to the plight of their neighbours and even to the interests of their own children.  The promises of Sinn Féin, Labour or of the ‘Green wave’ are no different, they all play the game of politics – and screw the people.

Deeper disaster is on the way, that is 100% sure.

We must organise, individuals must step forward taking responsibility, there are no saviours going to do it for us.  We must become political, we cannot allow the ‘posh-boys’ continue to wreck our country.

Join us in building the opposition, you are needed!